New Chicago

Chicago was nearly wiped out in “The Flood” of the 2080s.

This wasn’t a one day flood, or even a week. A perfect storm, well three storms, collided over the great lakes over the course of twelve days. It was a combination of excessive moisture from the Pacific, a warm Arctic front, and the rapid fire succession of hurricanes from the gulf and east coasts. Thirty-seven feet of rain fell over the great lakes region over those days non-stop. Chicago was crippled as the Chicago River overflowed. Michigan Avenue ran 10 feet deep in places and flooding reached all the way to O’Hare and beyond. When it did finally break, it was only a minor reprieve. Enough time to rescue the few remaining survivors. The rains continued, breaking for a day or two at most. North America now had a monsoon season and it kept the waters high for years.

While the government was dealing with similar disasters around the gulf and east coasts, it was Weston Global that came into save the once great city of Chicago, and used its global resources the build “The Wall,” separating old Chicago from the towering New Chicago Weston funded, built and subsequently ran. Weston did such a great job, the federal government contracted them to help in Miami, Houston, New Orleans, Boston and dozens of other cities.

The country rallied behind Weston and, in 2095, Weston was awarded its first nationwide contract to act as custodian for the entire United States. Canada and Mexico followed in 2097 and Latin America in 2102. Weston’s power snowballed and it eventually added the countries of South America and what was left of the Caribbean islands. The three other corporations replicated Weston’s success and within a decade, every country on Earth was under corporate governance, in the truest sense of the words.