3 Nominations from Stormy Weather Horror Fest

The Stormy Weather Horror Fest honored Synesthesia with three nominations in their Winter 2017 awards. The film received a nomination for BEST SHORT. Director/Producer Alison Kohlhardt, who also played Vivian in the film, received a nomination for OUTSTANDING FEMALE FILMMAKER. Actor Danny Ross, who played Paul, received the BEST ACTOR nomination.

“I am so proud of Synesthesia and the traction it has received on the film festival circuit,” said Director/Producer Alison Kohlhardt. “It is a female-driven story that focuses on technological attachment and has a message that needed to be told. Thank you Stormy Weather Horror Fest for recognizing the outstanding work of the amazing cast and crew, it is truly humbling to be nominated as Outstanding Female Filmmaker.”

Stormy Weather Horror Fest (SWHF) is a female-driven, online independent film festival that celebrates the horror, thriller, and sci-fi genres. This online festival is year-round, with nominations and awards announced each season. For more about the SWHF, visit www.stormyweatherhorrorfest.com or follow the festival on Twitter.

“These nominations add to the ongoing recognition my cast and crew have earned for their hard work and creativity,” said Writer/Executive Producer Tom Loveman. “We’re not stopping either, with 20 Official Selections and our other awards and nominations. There are dozens of festivals yet to decide this year to which Synesthesia has been submitted. Also, I’m working on getting the team back together, possibly this year, to work on a feature-length paranormal thriller I’ve written.”