About Reclamation

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Reclamation is an epic, sci-fi adventure about reclaiming what was lost – lost as in a person, a country and a world — and how far someone will go to get it back. It tells the story of Cassie Aquino, who lost her family ten years ago when the Weston Global Corporation recruited her parents and took her younger sister, Isable (Izzy), away.

Cassie’s failure to protect her sister has haunted her since that day, and she’s survived within Weston’s system because of it. Weston Global, the largest of the only four massive corporations running the world, thrived in the chaos of catastrophic global climate disruption of late 21st century. With world governments unable to function, physically or financially, in the maelstrom of disasters, the wealth and power amassed by the corporations made them the heroes to which the world turned for the salvation of civilization. In the process, corporations literally owned the governments of the world.

The rise of corporate rule, and the subsequent rights they granted themselves, saw personal liberty curtailed as it fitted the “greater good.” Personal bankruptcy was outlawed in the early days of the 22nd century and the Department of Recruitment was established. Citizens with valuable skills who were indebted to the company could be recruited and assigned to work where ever the governing company chose – on Earth, in orbit or throughout the solar system.

Cassie has lived a subsistence life, if you can call it a life, working as hard as she can and sacrificing any joy or indulgence to save every single credit she has. She knows her only chance to find her family will be to buy, bribe or steal from those in power.

The destruction and rebuilding of cities and countries by the corporations included expanding “off world” as the corporations believed in the inevitable collapse of our biosphere. Establishing colonies throughout the solar system for mining, research, tourism and “off-the-books” military projects was a necessity.

Cassie’s journey to find her family is just beginning.