Reclamation Crew

Alison Kohlhardt | Director/Producer

Alison Kholhardt (Gang Member #4)
Alison Kholhardt (Gang Member #4 “Braass”)

Actor/Director Alison Kohlhardt is best known for her roles in Cindr (2015), Deadly Women (2010-2013) and Blue Match Comedy (2015-).

Born in Sydney, Australia, she began performing in school plays at a young age. Her theater work quickly prompted a move to Hong Kong. Shortly thereafter her career instigated a relocation to Los Angeles, where she was cast in numerous television, voice-overs and film productions including, Misdirected (2014), Apartmates (2015-) and Flashback (2015).

She is fast becoming a success as a new type of triple-threat: an actor, director and producer. Her dedication and hard work has been adventitious in these endeavors. Alison was nominated for Outstanding Female Filmmaker by the Stormy Weather Horror Fest for her work directing Tom Loveman’s award-winning short horror film Synesthesia.

Tom Loveman | Executive Producer/Writer

Tom Loveman | Executive Producer/Writer
Executive Producer/Writer Tom Loveman

Tom Loveman began producing award-winning shorts and music videos in 2003 with Autumn Haze Pictures and began writing is own TV pilots in 2007 under the Hot Lather Productions banner in Cleveland, OH. Moving to Los Angeles in 2012, he began writing feature films and shorts. His short horror film, Synesthesia, won Best Original Story from the Things 2 Fear Film Festival and an Award of Excellence from the Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition, and has been an Official Selection of 33 film festivals thus far.

Besides writing and producing Reclamation, Tom also edited the film and some of the visual effects, which have been nominated for Best VFX in several festivals.

Rachanee Lumayno | Producer

Rachanne Lumayno
Rachanne Lumayno – Producer/Cassie Aquino

Rachanee Lumayno is an actress, writer and producer who has appeared on VH1, BuzzFeed, College Humor and Funny or Die. She has produced seven short films to date and is currently working on two feature length romantic comedies.

Rachanee, while being featured in the pilot episode, was also heavily involved in production including casting and sourcing crew, managing schedules and call sheets, and wearing innumerable additional hats. She was also featured in the award-winning Synesthesia.


Roy Sherfan | Director of Photography/Editor
Tom Loveman
| Editor
Jeff Chaney
| Production Designer
Zoë Kim
| Assistant Director
Brandon Okumura | Assistant Camera/Visual Effects Design
Erik Goodrich | Sound Editor/Mixer
David Fesliyan | Composer (Original Score)
Jaylinn Helmich
| Makeup Artist
Erik MacRay | Set Carpenter
Jared Berkowitz | Grip
Liz Schroeder
| Wardrobe
Ronma Perry | Stunt Coordinator
Anthony J. Samangy | Visual Effects Design
Amit Dutta | 3D Visual Effects Matte Artist
Piotr Jasielski | Visual Effects Matte Artist
Dendy Dhamier | Matte Artist
Kelly McCarthy | Digital Colorist
Thomas Rickert | Technical Support
Kelly Brooks Danko | Graphic Design
Billy Bolt | Effects Design and Compositing

By eColor Studio
Compositors/Rotoscope Artists
Manish Morwal
Namrata Morwal
Pranjal Sharma
Chaitnya Sharm
Lomeshraj Mishra
Mehul Vyas
Chinmaya Morwal


Valley Writers Group
Jack Corbett, Burbank DWP
Joe Flores, Burbank DWP
Burbank Department of Water and Power
Lisa Trublet de Nermont
Christian Trublet de Nermont
Kevin Winslow
Terrence Magee
Michael Curran-Dorsano
Ron Garan, NASA
Rudy Hlozek

Produced in Association with
Cinema Collaboratorium
eColor Studio

Filmed on location in Burbank, CA and North Hollywood, CA.