Reclamation Video – Trailer Behind the Scenes

Reclamation: Trailer

Reclamation VFX Reel

See before and after clips showing how the visual effects were created for Reclamation.

Behind the Scenes – Making of a Fight Scene

In Reclamation Cassie is accosted by “Cred Bangers,” groups of people Weston Global deems unemployable who harass Weston Employees for the credits, the currency of 2151. In this behind-the-scenes look, you’ll see the process of choreography, rehearsing and filming the fight scene with interviews and commentary from Writer/Executive Producer Tom Loveman, Director/Producer/Actor Alison Kohlhardt, Actor/Producer Rachanee Lumayno, Director of Photography Roy Sherfan and Actor Dillon Wrich.

Behind the Scenes – Animating New Chicago

This matte painting was designed by and animated in After Effects by Writer/Producer Tom Loveman to bring life to the still image.