Synesthesia – Cast

Rachanne Lumayno
Rachanne Lumayno – Producer/Leslie

Rachanee Lumayno (Leslie) – Rachanee Lumayno is an actress, writer and producer who has appeared on VH1, BuzzFeed, College Humor and Funny or Die. She has produced seven short films to date and is currently working on a feature length romantic comedy. Rachanee also appears as Cassie Aquino in Loveman Media’s epic sci-fi short Reclamation (2016).

Danny Ross (Paul)

Danny Ross (Paul) – Danny Ross is an actor, known for Irl (2015), Love Meet Hope (2016) and Mimi and Mo (2016).

Alison Kholhardt (Gang Member #4)
Alison Kholhardt (Director/Vivian)

Alison Kohlhardt (Vivian) – Actor/Director Alison Kohlhardt is best known for her roles in Cindr (2015), Deadly Women (2010-2013) and Blue Match Comedy (2015-). Born in Sydney, Australia, she began performing in school plays at a young age. Her theater work quickly prompted a move to Hong Kong. Shortly thereafter her career instigated a relocation to Los Angeles, where she was cast in numerous television, voice-overs and film productions including, Misdirected (2014), Apartmates (2015-) and Flashback (2015). Alison also appears in Reclamation (2016).

Kalen Marie (Jennifer) — Kalen Marie is an Los Angeles-based actor, born in Lake Arrowhead, CA. At 16, she was accepted into a year-long International Student Exchange Program in Brazil. When she returned, she acted and helped produce student films and plays. Shortly after marrying her husband Jeremey in 2012, she moved to New York City and landed the lead in Invisible Ink (2016). Kalen also appears in Loveman Media’s Reclamation (2016).

Edith Hwang (Lola)
Edith Hwang (Cafe Patron)

Edith Hwang (Cafe Patron) – Edith Hwang is known for her work on Interne (2013), September Morning (2016) and Reclamation (2016).

Dillon Wrich (Waiter) — Dillon Wrich is an actor, known for April 8, The Story of Jay Gatsbi (2014) and Reclamation (2016).

Dillon Wrich (Cafe Waiter)