Director Alison Kohlhardt Named on Black List for Synesthesia

Special Mention London X4

Director Alison Kohlhardt was named to the Black List’s “100+ Horror Films Directed by Women You Should Be Watching This October” by Kate Hagen.

Alison Kholhardt (Gang Member #4)
Alison Kholhardt (Director/Vivian)

Alison, who was also nominated for Outstanding Female Filmmaker by the Stormy Weather Horror Fest in 2017 for Synesthesia, was born in Sydney, Australia, where she began performing in school plays at a young age. Her theater work quickly prompted a move to Hong Kong. Shortly thereafter her career instigated a relocation to Los Angeles, where she was cast in numerous television, voice-overs and film productions including, Misdirected (2014), Apartmates (2015-) and Flashback (2015).
She is fast becoming a success as a new type of triple-threat: an actor, director and producer. Her dedication and hard work has been adventitious in these endeavors.
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